Students turn toward job matching sites

Services like Collegefeed allow students and recent graduates to find specialized jobs online.

Thousands of University of Minnesota students are preparing to graduate this May. After earning their hard-earned degrees, many may feel unsure about their future and wonder where to look for their first job. But now there is a service that may help take some of the stress out of the job search.

Collegefeed is a job search and matching website that allows college students to upload information about their resumes, educational accomplishments and degrees, and it uses that information to generate matches with potential employers.

Collegefeed is somewhat similar to LinkedIn, the New York Times reported last month, but is more geared toward college graduates’ needs, like internship and entry-level job opportunities in large or up-and-coming companies.

The free online service comes from Sanjeev Agrawal, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumnus. Agrawal understood there are many employers looking for employees with specific skills, but they don’t consider applying for specialized positions because they don’t realize their degree or experience qualifies them. A student may not know much about a company or have access to job openings, which may deter them from even applying.

Services like Collegefeed are important for young people entering the workforce because they allow current students and recent graduates to be more confident about the jobs they apply for. Students can learn which positions specifically match their skills and experience.

A college degree is valuable, but finding the right path to utilize it can be invaluable. If a student is interested in a specific field, they should feel confident in pursing what they are passionate about. These services help bridge the gap for students looking to truly do what they want to do.