Athletics department’s finances holding up so far

Andrew Cummins

The University athletics department won’t know if it comes in over or under its budget until the fiscal year ends in June, but spokesman Garry Bowman told me in an e-mail this morning that numbers so far look solid. 

"Things are looking positive for us right now as our revenue projections on the front end were very conservative," the e-mail said.   

Yesterday, Athletics Director Joel Maturi told the Pioneer Press that the department is in the black so far.  He also told the paper the same thing he told the Daily in December: that the department is continually looking at ways to save money in areas like travel and staffing. 

The University athletics department came out about $3 million in the black last fiscal year.  Its budget was $62 million. 

Media across the country have been looking closely at financial situations across college sports, and that practice ramped up when the AP revealed that Stanford is considering cutting athletics staff because of a projected budget shortfall.