Protesters rally against bombings

NATO’s bombing of the former Yugoslavia has ignited debate throughout the United States; a protest Wednesday afternoon shows one way the air strikes touch the University.
Members of the Progressive Student Organization mixed with members of other community groups to protest U.S. involvement in Kosovo during a two-hour demonstration in front of the Federal Courts building in downtown Minneapolis.
“Bombing has to stop now, absolutely,” said J Burger, a member of the Progressive Student Organization.
“You cannot have any kind of settlement until the bombs stop,” he said.
The Emergency Committee Against U.S. Intervention in Yugoslavia organized the rally, which drew 250 protesters. Clergy, students and members of the participating organizations were there, Burger said.
Some of the speakers were upset because the government has announced they will not halt bombing for the Easter holiday, saying it is inhumane not to do so.
“Why is it inhumane to stop bombing for Easter when bombing itself is inhumane?” Burger asked.
Burger said others spoke of a double standard within the U.S. government — “the double standard of U.S. genocide in Iraq with sanctions and supposedly humanitarian reasons in Yugoslavia.”
The next event planned is a “teach-in” at the La Raza Student Cultural Center on Wednesday, April 7 at noon, with University professors speaking on the issue.
— Erin Ghere