Why blacks will not vote GOP

Despite being a party established by anti-slavery expansion activists and the âÄúgreat emancipatorâÄù himself, Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party does not get the black vote, nor will they anytime soon. The staple of Republican ideology is that low taxes on businesses create new jobs for Americans. But even if this policy successfully creates new jobs, they rarely go to blacks. Blacks who suffer from an inferiority complex tend to reject so-called âÄúwhite AmericaâÄù and opt for a life of crime, which obviously takes them out of the running for these jobs. And often, blacks that manage to escape the trappings of an inferiority complex are confronted with discriminatory hiring practices, so they do not get these jobs, either. The RepublicansâÄô constant fawning over the policies of former President Ronald Reagan also alienates blacks. One of ReaganâÄôs policies was known the âÄúwar on drugs,âÄù but in the black community it was referred to as the âÄúwar on young black men.âÄù Although studies have shown that drug possession and distribution cut across all racial, socio-economic and geographical lines, the âÄúwar on drugsâÄù was focused on black low-income neighborhoods. Under Reagan, five times as many blacks were incarcerated for drug related charges as whites. But the crowning achievement in the Republican PartyâÄôs alienation of blacks took place when it named John McCain its 2008 presidential nominee. With the historic candidacy of Barack Obama, the first legitimate black presidential candidate, the Republican Party had the nerve to nominate a man who committed what amounts to a sin in the black community by voting against making Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.âÄôs birthday a federal holiday. In a 2000 interview, McCain explained that, âÄúIt was not necessary to have another federal holiday, that it cost too much money.âÄù Since being nominated, McCain has apologized for that vote, but for many blacks, the damage has already been done by McCain and the Republican Party. Please send comments to [email protected]