Pride of Minn. needs schooling?

Ryan Rosa

The cliché âÄúeverybody makes mistakesâÄù has been beaten into the ground to the point that no one really believes itâÄôs an acceptable excuse anymore. This is mostly a good thing; responsibility and accountability are very important. It is ridiculous to think that if every time I saw an error or typo in a Yahoo! News article that I wrote a scathing letter in to their editor in attempt to destroy their credibility or reputation. ThatâÄôs why I donâÄôt, and I feel safe saying that most others donâÄôt for the same reason. There are bigger things to deal with. The Pride of Minnesota does an extreme amount of good with few problems or glitches involved. Why knock the marching band (an establishment this University should be thankful to have) down a few pegs just for what was likely a speaking error? This also seems a ridiculous notion to me. I would expect to say this to some college students, but to a 50-year-old college graduate, never. Grow up. If you havenâÄôt realized there are more important things in life, the time to do so is now. Ryan Rosa University undergraduate student