Bachmann and the Ballots

Johnathan Brown

If you prayed to God all night long that Michelle Bachmann would lose her Sixth District Congressional seat November 4th, look on the bright side: you get to have Michelle Bachmann represent you on TV. Though you prayed in vain, all is not lost. Thanks to the conservative Sixth District suburbanites, a Minnesota mouthpiece in the form of Michelle Bachman is now regularly featured on Fox News and MSNBC among others. She got a chance to represent our state before the election when she called for an investigation into "anti-American" views Barack Obama and other Democrats may have harbored. Her claim didn’t go over so well, forcing Bachmann to backpeddle and nearly lose her seat to strong-sounding Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg. Well, conservative media darling Michelle Bachmann was featured on Fox News last night, where she showcased yet again her supreme inability to refrain from saying stupid things. She blasted Obama for bringing America "back to the future" for his Attorney General appointment of Eric Holder, Bill Clinton’s lieutenant AG. Zing… Bachmann was just getting warmed-up. She went on to break with Minnesota republicans Governor Tim Pawlenty and Senator Norm Coleman to propagate the scornful view of the Minnesota recount that Fox News loves to sell. She peddled the discounted allegation of fowl play with the 32 ballots found in a Hennepin County election official’s car. She criticized the"after business hours" transfer of 100 votes from Sen. Coleman to Al Franken in St. Louis county, even though no votes were taken from Coleman and the change, result of a recording error, was in no way "after business hours." Finally, she called into question "what the record is and who’s watching the books" and argued that Franken wants to "stuff the ballot box with rejected ballots" – regarding the lawsuit he recently filed to have rejected absentee ballots reviewed for legitimacy. As Bachman casts doubt on the recount process, Senator Coleman and Governor Tim Pawlenty take the high road, communicating confidence with our system. Bachmann then illustrated her contortionist abilities – vehemently denying, as Alan Colmes read the incriminating MSNBC transcript word for word, – that she called for an investigation into Obama and Democrats’ "anti-American views." If we Minnesotans must endure national coverage of Michelle Bachmann for two more years, she best learn some integrity. First, don’t deny a charge when your guilt is recorded verbatim. Admit it and apologize. Second, don’t split with party leaders in Minnesota to propagate a politicized and illegitimate view of Minnesota’s recount. That’s irresponsible and immature. Perhaps Bachmann likes her Fox News time too much to refrain from sensationalizing. Governor Pawlenty showed mature restraint when O’Reilly tried to pry some recount doubt from him a couple days ago; he stood tall and refused to play along, despite the ‘R’ after his name and despite the fact that media love controversy. Tragically, this won’t be the last America sees of Minnesota’s Michelle Bachmann. Until she loses an election or the Rapture mercifully wisps her away, congresswoman Bachmann must quit making our fine state look so bad on TV.