Five minute magic

Micaela Resh

Finding confidence with supermodel Oon Shu An.

Actress Oon Shu An in a makeup tutorial video on YouTube.

We need to start approaching “pretty” in a new light.

Actress Oon Shu An, from Singapore created “My 5-Minute Magic Routine #UnicornMoment Ep.6” on Youtube.

Directed by Joel Lim and with support from Calibre Pictures, the short video discusses the crossover of beauty with confidence.

The video was inspired supermodel Alek Wek. Growing up in South Sudan, Wek witnessed death and turmoil before entering the modeling industry. Her inner peace with beauty and happiness sparked Shu An to start this conversation.

“We are not born knowing how to evaluate our looks” Shu An said in her video.

In five minutes, she takes viewers through her journey of happiness, and the ways that society and the acting industry have effect it.

It opens the door to an important discussion on how we view ourselves and why.