Response to ‘Cohabitation often complicates courtship’

Maggie Fillbrandt

Paige VigilâÄôs Monday column was not only woefully old-fashioned, it was uninformed. Anyone who claims that statistics donâÄôt lie needs a refresher course. Think about it: The kinds of people who would have no moral objection to living together before marriage are the same sort of people who would be morally all right with divorce. As my high school statistics teacher always said, âÄòâÄòcorrelation does not equal causation.âÄôâÄô While I donâÄôt doubt the truthfulness of this statistic, it is not enough to prove that living together causes divorce. Also, I find it disappointing that in this day and age there is still so much stigma associated with living together before marriage. As someone who is happy with her decision to cohabitate before wedding, I am frankly fed up with the idea that marriage is a stronger bond than true love. If you choose to live with someone and put up with their leaving-up-the-toilet-seat self, you should do so out of love and respect, not because you are legally bound to do so. Maggie Fillbrandt University undergraduate student