U officials and Met Council respond to light rail concerns

Briana Bierschbach

Both Peter Bell, chairman of the Metropolitan Council, and Tim Mulcahy, vice president of research with the University of Minnesota, have issued public statements either supporting or responding to the University’s recent report and proposal on the Central Corridor light rail line.


The University is concerned that vibrations and noise from the light rail line could impact the integrity of more than 80 research labs in 17 buildings along Washington Avenue, where the line is slated to run in 2014. The University wants the Met Council to install a "floating slab" of concrete to reduce the vibrations. However, the Met Council says putting in a floating slab could cost the project millions because it would take longer to install and would jeopardize getting a full funding grant agreement from the federal government, which would then fund half of the $915 million line. Here are the two statements run in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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