Thief takes more than $200 from sandwich shop

Thomas Douty

An unknown man robbed a University-area restaurant Sunday afternoon and got away with more than $200.
A 5-foot-9, white man wearing a green stocking cap walked into the Subway Sandwiches and Salad Shop at 825 Washington Ave. S.E. and ordered a soda. But once the register was opened, the man claimed he had a gun and demanded the money from the register.
The Subway employee complied with the man’s orders, and the suspect then left the store and ran into the Stadium Village Mall, which houses the restaurant.
Another Subway worker, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the employees were shaken by the incident, but no one was injured.
She also said the man escaped with more than the $218 initially reported, but she could not release the total value of the loss.

In other news:
ù A woman attempted to get a free ride from Green and White Taxi this weekend, but the cab company should not have too much trouble tracking her down since she left some helpful information behind.
According to police reports the suspect was picked up Friday night and given a ride to 2500 University Ave. S.E.
When the driver stopped the car, the suspect fled without paying the $30 fare, but she left her purse on the back seat.
The crime of failure to pay a cab fare is a misdemeanor in Minneapolis and is punishable by up to a $700 fine.
But Lynne Fundingsland, managing attorney for Minneapolis, said that if the suspect doesn’t have a prior record, she likely will be given a smaller fine or no fine at all and forced to pay the fare.

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