Thrown stolen tire injures Good Samaritan

The University student cut his hand, and the tire was returned to the bike.

Elizabeth Cook

Police responded to an assault call Sunday outside the Carlson School of Management.

A University student tried to interrupt three suspects who were stealing bicycle tires, but when the suspects saw him they threw a bicycle tire at him, police reports said.

The student attempted to catch the tire, and ended up cutting his hand, said Steve Johnson, the deputy police chief for the University police.

The student refused medical attention, the suspects ran away and the tire was returned to the bicycle it was taken from.

Johnson said students should get involved with bike theft only if they are comfortable with it.

“I wouldn’t recommend putting yourself in danger,” Johnson said.

If a student sees any unusual activities at the bike racks, he or she should trust their instincts and call police immediately, Johnson said.

Illusion of security

A University student’s canvas bag was stolen from a computer lab inside the Carlson School of Management, and no one saw it happen, not even the cameras.

Human resources industrial licensing graduate student Ugur Arcan said he was working at a computer for more than an hour before getting up to go to the printer.

When he came back to his seat, his bag was gone, which contained a Dell personal digital assistant and a calculator.

At the time, all of his friends were sitting around him.

“I really don’t know how it happened,” Arcan said.

According to the police report, upon entering the computer lab, there is a sign saying that the room is under 24-hour surveillance. But when the computer room manager was asked about the cameras, it turned out that they do not record and there is no one monitoring the video feed.

Arcan said the real purpose of the cameras is to “freak people out,” and also to watch the employees to make sure they are doing their jobs.

Arcan said that same night he received a call from the Carlson School of Management that his bag was found in another room, and all of his belongings were still in there.

Arcan said he thinks either someone took it thinking there was a laptop inside, or just took the wrong bag by accident.

The Carlson School of Management couldn’t be reached for comment by press time.

Shower crime

While Scott Szafran was taking a shower in Bailey Hall, his wallet was stolen.

The first-year animal science, pre-veterinarian and Spanish student said his wallet was stolen from his pants hanging on a nearby hook.

According to the police report, Szafran said there was someone taking a shower in the other stall, but they left shortly after he began.

Szafran said someone recently found the wallet in one of the lounges.

Gift cards, a state identification card and $2 in cash were stolen, Szafran said.

Roxanne Beauclair, an office assistant at Bailey Hall, said students are warned to always lock up their valuables.

“The shower area is an open area, anybody can get in,” Beauclair said.

Beauclair said this is the first in-shower theft she’s heard about this year.

There are no suspects at this time.