A word from the editor

Welcome to the University!
This special Orientation issue of The Minnesota Daily is directed at readers who are encountering the University for the first time, either as freshmen or transfers. We put it together every year as a brief introduction to just about everything a student needs to know on campus — from how to survive in a dorm (always pick the chicken instead of the meatloaf) to getting involved in student groups (like, for example, the Daily) to finding a good coffee shop (check out the enclosed A&E “Get a Life” guide).
It should be an exciting year. Not only will we cross over into a new millennium, but we’ll also learn how to cope with the change from quarters to semesters. (It should be easier for the rookies.) And if that wasn’t enough, the Daily will celebrate its 100th anniversary in May.
In the meantime, we’ll be here to provide the campus and surrounding communities with a steady stream of news, information, opinions and some much-needed diversions. We consider the Daily the best college newspaper in the country, and by the time you wrap up your academic careers at the ‘U,’ we hope you agree.
Take care, have fun and watch out for the bureaucrats.
— Aaron Kirscht
Editor in Chief