Rich can afford higher taxes; poor can’t

John Sens, Daily reader

I find many issues with Andrew JohnsonâÄôs recent column âÄúGive the Rich a Break,âÄù in Sept. 22âÄôs Minnesota Daily, which tries to address the problem of taxation in America. He claims that poor and middle class people want the rich to pay higher taxes because they view the rich as crooks who clutch their bags of money in their secluded mansions. While Johnson discusses some of the charitable contributions and quotes some famous people, he does not address the real problem that concerns people. The majority of people have low incomes and a small amount of money, while people with high incomes have a lot of money.

People that earn $20,000 a year cannot contribute the same amount of money that people who earn $2 million a year. When it comes to taxes, you cannot contribute what you do not have.

Blaming peopleâÄôs anger on their moralistic approach to success does not address nor consider this important fact. You can claim to take the moral high ground by quoting the charitable contributions of billionaires, but that is irrelevant when trying to provide services for everyone in our nation.