Block proposed apartment plan

Daily Editorial Board

More than three years ago, Dinkytown reeled over a proposal to raze locally owned businesses and build luxury student housing in their place. But debates over maintaining Dinkytown’s historic character did little to slow the momentum of near-campus development.
Since 2010, more than 3,000 units of private development have been added to the neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota.
Last month, a local developer announced plans for a 27-story apartment tower that would encroach closer to the heart of the campus than any other. It would be the area’s tallest building — about 7 feet higher than Moos Tower across the street.
Developers envision that downtown professionals, graduate students and professors will fill the 450-unit project slated for the corner of Washington Avenue and Harvard Street.
The city has yet to approve the project.
Currently, the 110-year-old site is home to Stadium Village staples like Bun Mi Sandwiches, Big 10 Restaurant and Bar, Village Wok and Espresso Expose. 
Our neighborhoods have only just been relieved of the construction glut caused by asceptic and mammoth housing projects as well as the Green Line lightrail. 
More importantly, architectural traces of the campus’ history have become few and far between — even though they provide students with the sense that their surroundings have been home to generations of scholars.
We urge the City Council to consider the Stadium Village area’s recent history when it decides whether to grant permission to raze one of the last remnants of historic near-campus business hubs.