‘Genetic Opera’ is a grisly gross-out

âÄúRepo! The Genetic OperaâÄù Starring: Paris Hilton, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino Playing at: Lagoon Cinema Rated: R Flash forward to the not-so-distant future, 2056, when a massive organ failure outbreak has swept the nation and only GeneCo, an organ transplant specialist, can save those with a weak set of lungs or a barely-thudding heart. Of course, in this dank and dismal future, everything comes with a catch and if you canâÄôt pay for your new liver, youâÄôll pay with your life. ItâÄôll take a brave young girl âÄî Alexa Vega of âÄúSpy KidsâÄù fame âÄî to seek the truth about her own mysterious disease, as well as topple the corrupt system and save the world. Oh, and this is all set to music, as everything culminates in a sort-of-rocking spectacle called the âÄúGenetic Opera.âÄù And Paris HiltonâÄôs face falls off. This ambitious undertaking comes to us as a film revamping of a stage musical as most rock operas do. It is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, whoâÄôs helmed the cameras behind the âÄúSawâÄù franchise since its second installment. Bousman, though reportedly adamant against considering her for the role, was lucky to get Paris Hilton to play Amber Sweet, the plastic-surgery addicted daughter of GeneCoâÄôs dying tycoon (played by Paul Sorvino, better known as JulietâÄôs dad in the Baz Luhrmann adaptation of âÄúRomeo + JulietâÄù). Sans Paris, the movie would have very little popular draw; Paris is sort of entertaining even if sheâÄôs no thespian; she sings just like she coos, âÄúThatâÄôs hot.âÄù Basically, as Amber, Paris is playing herself in a brunette wig, writhing around half-dressed and breathily singing her lines. âÄúRepo! The Genetic OperaâÄù is a rock opera that wants to be a cult classic like the superior âÄúRocky Horror Picture Show,âÄù but it lacks the kitsch factor of that âÄô70s Tim Curry vehicle. âÄúRepo!âÄù is too concerned with pushing buttons by grossing its audience out. ItâÄôs equal parts âÄúJesus Christ SuperstarâÄù and âÄúPhantom of the OperaâÄù meets âÄúSin CityâÄù (the cartoonish opening) and âÄúSaw,âÄù what with the blood, guts and gore that are constantly oozing out the screen. Besides ParisâÄôs face falling off, Broadway legend Sarah Brightman gets impaled after gouging out her own eyes and other characters are whacked off in a variety of ghoulish manners. Nobody seems to have a âÄúvoice,âÄù save the classically trained Brightman (freakily blue-eyed âÄúBlind MagâÄù) and though actors in rock operas canâÄôt always be Tina Turner and Ann-Margret in The WhoâÄôs âÄúTommy,âÄù theyâÄôre carrying the movie with the power of their vocal cords. In short, âÄúRepo! The Genetic OperaâÄù is just a bad movie. But then, what would you expect from a film offering not only the dazzling vocal stylings of Paris Hilton, but also the folks behind âÄúSaw IIâÄù?