A simple solution to reciprocity

The University loses millions of dollars each year on the Wisconsin reciprocity agreement.

There is obviously a problem with our current reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin. You would think this is because there’s not really a viable solution.

Well, there is, and everyone knows it.

Under the current agreement, Wisconsin students attending the University of Minnesota pay the tuition amount of the University of Wisconsin, which means they end up paying more than $1,000 less per year.

Yes, Wisconsin does pay some of this money back to Minnesota, but it goes to a general state fund, not directly to the University, which adds up to University losses of more than $6 million per year.

In an interview with the Daily last week, University President Bob Bruininks said he has proposed that students who qualify for the reciprocity agreement pay the in-state tuition of the school they are attending.

He also added that the change be phased in over four years so students from Wisconsin won’t have to immediately feel the brunt of the tuition jump.

What a novel idea! Students paying the tuition of the school they attend? Crazy!

But in all honestly, this is a simple solution to a huge problem.

And it’s already working – Minnesota has agreements with Manitoba, North Dakota and South Dakota in which students attending Minnesota pay Minnesota’s in-state tuition rates.

We support Bruininks’ recommendation for students from Wisconsin to pay Minnesota in-state tuition, especially since it’s what is going to be best for the University in the long run. It’s only fair that a University of Minnesota education is charged at a University of Minnesota price.

If we know the in-state reciprocity deals are working with other states, why not make it uniform?