Today is transgender awareness day

As âÄúGLBTâÄù becomes increasingly standardized as an acronym for the âÄúgay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenderâÄù community, and as certain forms of gay and lesbian activism become increasingly visible and mainstream, we ask: âÄúDo you remember the T?âÄù Do you remember any of the intersections between movements for social justice? We remember. Thursday marks the 10th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance; a time and space for transgender, gender-queer, intersex and gender-nonconforming people and their allies to gather, honor and grieve the lives of those who have died as part of gender violence, claim voice and build community. For many transgender people, the threat or the fact of physical and psychological violence is a daily reality. The fear and risk that accompany performing a non-normative gender are shaped simultaneously by their experiences of identities. The terrain of work for justice, equity and compassion for people who experience gender violence demands that we uplift and engage in all of these struggles. Thus, the challenge âÄî and the promise âÄî lies in working together, and in creating space to honor the multiple dimensions of each of our identities so that each person might be able to be present, to live in their bodies in their fullness. Projects to create coalitional and safe space stand in powerful contrast to media representations that attempt to divorce and oppose identities. Perhaps most recently, in the wake of the passage of several anti-same-sex-marriage state constitutional amendments, mainstream, white, gay pundits continue to make vicious accusations toward communities of color: accusations that divorce race and class from sexuality and gender. We must take part in social justice together, which means that we must speak out against violence and abuse. We can do this work by creating space with one another, and by working in circulation with the University of Minnesota and Twin Cities communities. Please send comments to [email protected]