Net: OK, OK, we’re…

Net: OK, OK, we’re behind on the curve, but as the Daily’s section of record we need to print a letter about Monday night’s historic victory. Vikes fans, bask in the splendor, read this, then forget about it. It’s Wednesday, dammit. Don’t dwell too much — there WILL be a rematch.
With that in mind, we devote the rest of this column to sports.


From Burt: First off, I give respect to the Packers because we will see them again and they are a very good team.
However, this game was an easy prediction for this Vikings diehard.
Before this game, the Vikings had outscored the Pack 43 to 34 in their last 6 quarters. We looked extremely impressive at Lambeau last year and only got blown out at home because our quarterback was ineffective due to an injury, and though Cunningham has recently proven himself to be very effective in the Vikings unstoppable offense, last year’s game was his first at the helm in two years.
Also, everyone was commenting on how the Vikings have looked a bit shaky in their first four games. Where were the comments on the Packers? They generated no offense against a weak Cincinnati team and squeaked by the winless Panthers. After last night’s embarrassment to the Vikings at Lambeau, the Packers look even more weak.
Denny “Slims” Green has a winning record against the Pack and always has the Vikes ready for the Packers.
Recent history has also shown the Pack can’t win the big game.
Remember the Super Bowl? Net: Uh, yeah. But they won the first one, right? Seems as though Favre counted his chickens before they were hatched when getting ready for the underrated Vikings defense. With this loss, the Pack blew their home win streak record and continued to show they are only a good team and not one of the all-time greats, which many seem to feel they are. Net: Only those who have been in cold climates a long, long time.
It was also a pleasure to see the Vikings stop the old stereotyping homophobe, Reggie “the minister of rest” White, and Vonnie Who? Last night was a changing of the guards in the NFC Central, so get ready for a long winter, Packer Backers — the Vikings are truly “Mossome.” Net: Perhaps — but beware. He who laughs last, laughs loudest. And there will be a few more chuckles comin’ before the season’s over. The Vikes are legendary for late-season fades, and the bigger their heads, the harder they’ll fall off. Beware.


From Chairmaster: When the squirrel letters got out of hand I stood quietly. When the BW-3 (or Dub’s or suckybarsville) ban got underway, I held my tongue. However, the insult of the cheer team by BF3 touched me in a way I’ve never felt before.
BF3, your comments are right on. The entire cheer team hates cheering, as well as the crowd and the football team. (Now that I’ve met Network’s sarcasm requirement, I’ll begin my letter.) Net: There is no requirement. We just do what comes naturally. And we do it well.
I’m assuming that BF3 was referring to the last home game against Memphis. As it happens, that game fell on the same day as the wedding of two former cheer members. Net: And someone had to clean the shotgun … This happiest of days took many of the team’s finest to help celebrate in this blessed union.
That left an inexperienced but determined core of rookies doing the best job they possibly could. Net: At one point, they even acknowledged a game going on. If BF3 would have taken his eyes off the band, which is quite good this year, for a second, he would have seen some of the hardest-working and best-looking Net: Thanks for getting to what it’s all about young talent the team has had in years.
As for the team not even having a routine for the Rouser, it leads me to believe the writer not only has a secret crush on a band member, but also poor vision. From my perspective the team seemed to do a nice little ditty Net: ‘Bout Jack and Diane? complete with singing along, motions and stunts.
This Saturday the cheerleading team will once again be at full strength, and I invite you all to help them cheer the Gophers on.

From Anonymous ##1 Gopher Fan: This letter is in response to the recent negative comments toward the cheerleaders. First of all, the cheerleaders at the University are here to support the men’s athletic department with skills, stunts and tumbling. They do get the crowd involved through their use of flags, cadences with the band, signs and cheers. I think their stunts have a purpose, and that is to get the crowd’s attention, which they do well Net: After all, they’re among the best-looking … throughout dull periods during the game.
Also, whoever wrote that they don’t do anything during the Rouser must not have been watching the game. I noticed that all the dancers and cheerleaders perform a routine — even the guys — every time the Rouser is played. I just wanted to address these comments and say that I think the cheerleaders and dancers do a very good job. KEEP IT UP GOPHERS!!!
Net: And finally …

From Fresh Like Jehu: I was just pondering some things, and I came up with a great idea. Net: Sorry. We already tried it, and it doesn’t work. We need to have a photo edition in the Daily of band players of the Big Ten. I could do all the pre-screening of photo portfolios for the Daily at no cost.
Hey — band members, lose some of that regimental look and soften your image a little. Oh yeah, lose those goofy hats, too. Thank you, and have a nice day. Net: We’ll try. Then again, we have nothing to do with providing entertainment at a Gophers game, and judging from our mail, we’re happier that way. Hey — we’ll be back tomorrow. And just so ya know, we’ll have a VERY special guest. Stay tuned.