Do not ban same-sex marriage

Minnesota needs to work together to vote the amendment down.

While a recent Star Tribune poll showed that a majority of Minnesotans oppose the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, it would be naive to think that the battle over equality will be an easy one.

The movement to defeat this obscene amendment needs your help now.

 Before understanding the how, it is obligatory to grasp the why, and on that point, one cannot help but wonder what our legislators were thinking by placing this shortsighted amendment on the ballot.

Gay marriage is already banned in Minnesota, so if itâÄôs about giving Minnesotans what they want, thereâÄôs no need to begin a hurtful and divisive social debate to further cement this reality.

In Minnesota and across the nation, more and more polls are showing increased support for gay marriage. If anything, the state should strive to be a leader in this movement.

Many lawmakers who support the amendment were elected by campaigning on the message of job creation. But the countryâÄôs top corporations have realized that a gay friendly environment is good for business, not only in the workplace but in the community as well.

If lawmakers are so concerned about job creation, perhaps they can take this marriage debate to General Mills or Target âÄî two Fortune 500 companies whose support for equal rights is widely known.

ItâÄôs clear that the amendment is entirely unnecessary. We implore you to talk to your family and friends and link up with groups such as OutFront Minnesota to help vote this amendment down.