Woman walks in on burglary

Thomas Douty

A former University student is considering moving out of Dinkytown after she walked in on an attempted burglary of her apartment and was attacked.
The 23-year-old woman came home to her apartment on Eighth Street and 13th Avenue on March 7 and found her door unlocked. Thinking her sister had gotten home early, she tried to enter her apartment.
But, as she opened the door, a stranger grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall in the hallway.
The burglar then ran back into her apartment and shut the door. The victim immediately ran outside and called Minneapolis police from her cellular phone.
While she was on the phone, the 5-foot-11, white man came outside, jumped on a black mountain bike and took off westbound on Eighth Street.
The victim said the suspect had packed her stereo and some compact discs into one of her own suitcases and was preparing to leave when she interrupted him.
She did not know how the assailant got into her apartment since it is locked with a deadbolt and the only entry into the building is through a security door.
Nothing else was disrupted except a gift that the burglar unwrapped.
The woman said the burlgar did not injure her.
“He just scared the living hell out of me,” she said.

In other police news:
ù A woman was sexually assaulted in Wilson Library on Friday afternoon when a man grabbed her inside the library.
A 28-year-old male suspect was arrested and spent the night in Hennepin County Jail. The man is not currently a University student.
He was released last weekend pending charges from the Hennepin County Attorney’s office.
University Police Lt. Rick Giese said he must obtain statements from the victim and the suspect before the investigation continues.

ù An unknown person broke into the Prospect Park Amoco on University Avenue and fled with $592 in cash just before 6 a.m. Thursday morning.
Minneapolis Police Officer Jeff Skoglund said it is possible a former employee robbed the business.
Shop owner Jerry Vanert, who has owned gas stations in the Minneapolis area for nearly 30 years, said the burglary probably was conducted by a former employee. He said that in his experience, break-ins are often performed by past employees.
Police responded to the silent alarm, triggered by the intruders, to find a garage door window broken and footprints in the freshly fallen snow leaving the scene. The footprints led to tire tracks that disappeared onto the road.
The burglars apparently found the key for the safe hidden behind a door in a rear room and took the cash before leaving.
The shop’s video surveillance camera recorded the break-in, but the tape did not help identify the suspect, Skoglund said.
He said it will be difficult to investigate since the loss was cash, which is difficult to trace.

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