“R.I.P. The U.S. Constitution”

One student’s search for T-Shirt dissent.


I am fed up. Anyone can look around and realize that other Americans feel the same way I do. A Tea Party was just around the corner, and I wanted express my frustration. I thought a T-shirt would be the perfect way to stand out. As I went through ideas for the design, many quotes from notable leaders stood out. However, the words of then-President Ronald Reagan just seemed so applicable to todayâÄôs situation: âÄúIn this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.âÄù Despite delivering those words in 1981, they have never been truer. Today, our government smothers us. Our 10th Amendment spells out how powers are to be distributed: Those not granted to the federal or state governments are reserved to be the right of the people. That doesnâÄôt happen today. A system of checks and balances? Balance is one thing our government lacks. The executive and legislative branches are under the control of liberals who seek to impose health care and environmental reforms on us without input from conservatives or independents. They seemingly donâÄôt care about any negative impact these bills will have on jobs or our back-breaking deficit. Despite all of this, the uppity attitude our representatives showed concerned citizens during town hall events this August proves our leaders are completely out-of-touch. The people are now accountable for the government âÄî thatâÄôs not the way it should be. âÄúR.I.P. The U.S. Constitution.âÄù This column was originally published by UWire. Please send comments to [email protected]