Minneapolis ranked ‘second-coolest’ city in new national survey

Robyn Repya

Minneapolis residents have a reason to be proud: Their city this week was ranked the second “coolest” in the nation by a Wisconsin-based consulting firm.

San Francisco took the top spot on the survey, called “Hot Jobs N Cool Communities.”

The cities were ranked on a variety of factors: water and air quality, public parks and trails, restaurants, art galleries, museums and population diversity.

Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton said she isn’t surprised by the ranking.

“It’s a great place to live and work,” she said.

Sayles Belton added that the city will benefit greatly from the ranking. She expects people to flock to Minneapolis for both business and pleasure.

“It will do much to bolster our reputation worldwide,” Sayles Belton said.

The mayor said San Francisco’s ocean border and large bridges helped it nab the top ranking.

Mayoral candidate R.T. Rybak said Minneapolis’ new status is a reflection of all the “cool people” in the city.

Second place isn’t sufficient for Rybak, however. “I’m not satisfied with number two,” he said. “Next year we’re going for number one.”

Portland, Ore., resident and former University student Barie Shortell said he is skeptical of the ranking methods. Portland was ranked fifth.

“Coolness is all very relative on who’s determining what coolness is about,” the 20-year-old Shortell said.

Shortell, who lived in Minneapolis for two years, said he thought the city ranked high because it experiences all four seasons. He also said the financial support for artists was a positive aspect of the city.