Recap: Michael Ian Black at Coffman

Joseph Kleinschmidt

Last night, the VH1 talking head known for his role in the I Love the 70s/80s/90s/New Millennium series performed his particular brand of sarcastic comedy in front of a packed crowd in Coffman’s Great Hall. Michael Ian Black introduced himself with some standard scatological humor, focusing on his run-in with a hotel’s housekeeping staff. But these jokes set the tone for his night’s performance as he continued to remind the audience of his affluent lifestyle, or at least that of his privileged character. The rich, out of touch persona he likes to use turned stale quickly as the set wore on. His constant disdain, usually whittled down to small sound bites on basic cable, did not translate fully to the stage. The same holds true for his exceptionally dry humor, better suited for smaller outlets. But fans of his would be pleased to know that his pop culture knowledge peppered some hit or miss observations throughout the night.

Before the overly sarcastic headliner, the audience also heard comedians Michael Blaustein and Jerrod Carmichael perform. Now, Blaustein gave the collegiate crowd a particular Dane Cook-esque routine featuring numerous physically exhausting bits about him ordering drinks in loud places, his roommate’s obsession with recycling, and his sexual adventures with a very tall woman. Carmichael, however, delivered the most nuanced, clever set of the night. He delivered numerous one-liners, ranging from his thoughts on Kool-Aid, welfare, the death penalty, and his insights on being conservative: “I can’t wait until I’m rich enough to be a Republican.”