Got something to say?

Joe Kellen

If you caught the paper last Thursday or are a faithful A&E fan, you may have read about Sun Mee Chomet's "How to Be a Korean Woman."

Firstly, if you want to check out the power of solo performance firsthand, see this show. It will move you. There is nothing else I need to say.

Secondly, Chomet is advocating the communal aspect of her show in an interesting way. If you’re an adoptee, saw the show and have a related story about your family or feel as if Chomet’s theme is tied in to how your identity was carved, she’s made a website for you to share your story. It’s available in the lobby for audience members to use after every show and it’s available to you right now.

It’s a rare opportunity for an audience to genuinely talk back and layer their own stories on to the what’s initially shared on a stage. Whether or not you make a submission, if the subject interests you, make some time to check out this blog dedicated to it.