A presidential effort for the U

Robert Perschmann

Here is some praise for the University of Minnesota and the people who came to the President Barack Obama event Saturday. I love the campus and it was so satisfying to mingle with thousands of young people who came to see the president.

I had demonstrated Oct. 2 in Washington, D.C., but SaturdayâÄôs campus experience was even a greater joy for me. The people were warm, friendly and smart. DFL volunteers and several types of security people were consistently kind to the crowd.

ItâÄôs hard to plan for such an event, but the University did so wonderfully. This is the most important election in my long lifetime. We have trouble, and I repeat my slogan: “The Tea Party is peasants who know something is wrong, but donâÄôt have a clue what it is.” The rest of us can save and restore our country.


Robert Perschmann

Daily reader