A&E heads west (kind of)

Jackie Renzetti

A circulating TIME article reports that you can now play “Oregon Trail” online through the Internet Archive, a site that brings back hundreds of retro games you likely played on one of these.


When this news hit the A&E desk, we clearly needed to travel the trail.


We made it as far as Independence Point, with 2 drownings, a snake bite, a death from an unspecified illness and — of course — a case of dysentery. The game came to an abrupt end when we forded a 20 foot deep river.


Oregon Trail.png


Our harrowing tale happened in the 1992 version displayed above, but the site also offers the 1990 version. Aside from “Oregon Trail,” the current collection of 2,295 games includes classics such as “Lemmings,” “SimCity,” “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”


Take the Oregon Trail at your own risk — as the game offered us as consolation, “Many wagons fail to make it all the way to Oregon.”