Be respectful by drinking responsibly

As homecoming weekend at the University of Minnesota approaches, itâÄôs important we remember to drink responsibility as a student community.

IâÄôm just as disposed as anyone else to go out for drinks with friends on the weekend, but we must understand the consequences of our weekly outings.

I participated in the Restorative Justice Community Action program and it gave me insight into how student drinking disturbs the Marcy-Holmes community.

I met with a few members of the neighborhood to hear how irresponsible drinking affects them. Empty cans of beer and liquor bottles scatter the front lawns, which hurts the reputation of University students.

Visitors to neighborhoods around the University are able to see how students take care of their surroundings; if this is done poorly, their image of college students suffers.

There is no doubt that we are intelligent and dedicated individuals that study a range of disciplines, yet we still seem to hurt the reputation of current degree seekers and the thousands of those before us.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate the University that we call home. ItâÄôs also time to give back to the University and its nearby communities.

In other words, take time this weekend to reflect on the surrounding neighborhoods and try help out. Volunteer or even speak with friends about being respectful. Above all, please drink responsibly.