The Nanny returns to TV

She had style! She had flair! She was there. Now she’s back.

Grace Gouker


What: The Fran Drescher Tawk Show Premiere

Where:Gameworks Video Billboard at 600 Hennepin Ave. and on FOX 9


When:Friday, Nov. 26, 1 p.m. âÄì 2 p.m.


Though sheâÄôs been leap-frogging over a failed sitcom, some character-actor cameos and uterine cancer, Fran Drescher will be premiering a new project, âÄúThe Fran Drescher Tawk Show,âÄù on Black Friday in select cities âÄî Minneapolis being one of them.

Drescher talked with A&E about the new project and her job as a diplomat, sans any snorts or âÄúMs. FineâÄù references (unfortunately).

So what kind of content can we expect to see on the new show?

Fran Drescher: ItâÄôs going to be everything from pedicures to politics. IâÄôm going to have a lot of family and friends on. IâÄôm going to have my dog Esther on.

Speaking of politics, what ever happened to the effort to take HillaryâÄòs spot in Congress in 2008?

FD: IâÄôd thrown my hat in. I didnâÄôt get the appointment, and then [the show] came along. I thought that it might be a better arena for me before being thrown to the wolves.

Which political figure would you most like to see on the show?

FD: You know, IâÄôd love to have Hillary on. SheâÄôs my new boss, because IâÄôm now a public diplomacy envoy for the State Department. ItâÄôd be great.

What exactly have you been doing as a diplomat?

FD: IâÄôve had the opportunity to travel to different places and help empower women using my leverage as an international celebrity and my own personal story as a cancer survivor. [I went to] Eastern Europe, and I just got back from South Africa. The next stop will be Haiti.

Which story from the Cancer Shmancer Movement has sat most heavily with you?

FD: I met a woman in Poland who knew she had a lump in her breast, but was afraid to go to the doctor because she thought if she found out she needed a mastectomy, her husband wouldnâÄôt love her anymore, which was devastating.

How have you empowered women in the military through your recent base visits?

FD: [These women] are conditioned to take orders and not ask questions. But when a military doctor is telling you that thereâÄôs nothing wrong with you gynecologically when you know you donâÄôt feel right, in that moment, youâÄôre allowed to say, âÄúNo, I really feel like thereâÄôs something abnormal going on and I would like to get a transvaginal ultrasound, please.âÄù

How did you find out you yourself were diagnosed with cancer?

FD: I was 42. They told me that I was just perimenopausal. Two years and eight doctors later I got my proper diagnosis. I was in stirrups more often than Roy Rogers. What we women donâÄôt know is killing us.

WhatâÄôs going to make the new stand against Ellen and Regis?

FD: Well, first of all, IâÄôm going to be the centerpiece, which in and of itself is unique. I want the show to fit me hand-in-glove. So itâÄôll be worth a peek.