The time to move


Working this fall to get out the vote and get out the “vote no” with the Minnesota Public Interest Research group was exhausting. On Nov. 7, 2012, my peers and I were weary and sleep deprived but proud. We were part of an effort that made history. Students turned out to vote in record numbers and overwhelmingly voted no.

At MPIRG we’ve decided that now is not the time to kick back and rest on our accomplishments. Now is the time to move. Before the term ended, we had redefined our structure as a chapter and divided into new task forces — equality, environmental-sustainability, corporate accountability and higher education.

These new task forces will be tackling policy change at every level. Our higher education task force had a strong presence at Support the U Day, talking to legislators about Opportunity Minnesota. This is a bill that will reimburse students through a tax credit to help pay off their student loans if they stay and work in Minnesota for five years after they graduate.

Laying the groundwork for another successful semester, all our task forces are looking for new ideas to add to MPIRG’s list of successes. We hope students will join us in improving the University of Minnesota community and making students’ voices be heard.