New CFANS plan helps

New policies will help students get a more comprehensive education.

Daily Editorial Board

The College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences is about to undergo some major changes, which will improve studentsâÄô experience in the college.
After faculty voted to approve the new policies in May, they are now working to implement the changes. This could bring new policies for experiential and interdisciplinary education, the Minnesota Daily reported. The curriculum will also undergo changes for fall 2013. After mapping out a plan, a final approval is still needed.
The new policies will require students to have a âÄúhigh-impact learning experience,âÄù which could be working in the community or studying abroad. CFANS students will also be required to take an interdisciplinary class, which will allow them to learn about a wider variety of fields.
Local industry employers asked CFANS to give more hands-on learning experiences to students, rather than content only. More in-field, practical experience will be a part of the changes to the college.
Together, all of these new policies will allow CFANS students to expand their learning and working experience during their undergraduate years. Community outreach, studying abroad and more hands-on learning will give CFANS students a better education and, incidentally, also make them more marketable.
These major changes are going to be costly but worth it. CFANS has funded the initiative with $1 million, which will come from studentsâÄô tuition dollars.
The changes will create a better learning experience for students and allow graduates to be better prepared to enter the working world. A more well-rounded education will prepare students for careers and please employers interested in hiring these students.