The Replacements return, with two replacements

by Ashley Goetz


After a twenty-one year hiatus (perhaps six years, depending on how you look at it—two tracks were released in 2006 to accompany a best-of release), Stereogum reports that The Replacements are banding together to release an extremely limited edition 10" with four new recordings (covers). Former guitarist Slim Dunlap suffered from a stroke earlier this year, and the release will be to his benefit.

Only two of the four core members are heard on the EP—but let's be real, it isn't as despairing as the Smashing Pumpkins reunion featuring the lone ranger Billy Corgan. Bob Stinson died in 1995, and drummer Chris Mars declined to participate in the collaboration. All in all, The Replacements are now half actual replacements. Maybe this was their plan all along.

Rolling Stone states the four covers include Hank Williams' "Lost Highway" and "I'm Not Sayin," "Everything's Coming Up Roses," a track from the Broadway musical Gypsy and Dunlap's own "Busted Up."

A release date has not yet been determined.