Try your granddad’s clothes

You shouldn’t just listen to “Thrift Shop.”

Aditi Pradeep

Rapper Macklemore  promises you the world and more in his hit single “Thrift Shop.” With just $20 in his pocket,  Macklemore manages to find everything from Batman footie pajamas to a mink coat. The Great Recession-era classic is grandiose enough to make you consider thrift shopping. Unfortunately, thrift store chains say the infamous single has done nothing to actually increase sales at thrift stores — however, this shouldn’t stop you from popping tags.

Eco-friendly digs

ABC News estimates a whopping 98 percent of clothing bought in the U.S. comes from elsewhere. When you’re shopping at Target, consider that your new sweatshirt has probably traveled more than you have. The transportation required to make it to your closet involves considerable amounts of fossil fuels and pollution. However, a thrift shop sweatshirt is likely from nearby.

Also, you’d be surprised how much goes into a simple T-shirt. Just one of those free college T-shirts that are handed out like candy requires anywhere from 700 to 2,000 gallons of water to produce. To put that into perspective, a 10-minute shower consumes 25 to 50 gallons of water. You can be both fashionable and environmentally friendly by choosing a vintage screen-print T-shirt at Savers. Lana Del Rey would be proud.

Save money with vintage goods

Don’t spend $50 for a T-shirt; save money while thrifting. College students struggle to make ends meet, and buying secondhand goods is a fashion-savvy way of looking great while staying in budget. America’s Research Group research shows young people are going to thrift shops more. Shopping at thrift stores no longer carries the “old lady” stigma it did before.

A secondhand spice of life

Thrifting is also an adventure. Looking through piles of clothes and finding a pair of cute designer jeans that fit, and for a price that doesn’t break the piggy bank, is far more satisfying than buying the same thing at the mall. Each piece comes with its own history. A little bit of curiosity goes along way with secondhand fashion.

Don’t let Macklemore get the best clothes. Try thrifting; it’s more than a trend.