Chris Wright

Chris Wright has two main goals in his gubernatorial campaign: to promote public safety through the legalization of all mood-altering substances and to uphold the basic tenets outlined in the Bill of Rights, with an emphasis on freedom of speech.
Wright, 40, who has promoted marijuana legalization actively through campaigning and demonstrations, helped establish Minnesota’s Grassroots Party in 1986.
“Marijuana is not unsafe and I have proven that,” Wright said. “I’m the only candidate in the election who has the chance to legalize pot.”
Instead of prohibition, Wright said, drugs should be taxed and regulated like alcohol.
Wright, who attended the University’s General College from 1976 through 1978, said as governor he would encourage the University’s administration to establish low-interest student loans.
He would also begin a University chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, he said, “so we could take political action against our ideological enemies.”
Wright said even though his ideas are uncommon, he believes they have merit and can improve Minnesota’s quality of life.
“You never change the status quo if you’re voting for the status quo,” Wright said.