The camera angle

Dallas Wilm

There are 1,800 cameras around the University of Minnesota campus, according to President Bob Bruininks. This fact was enclosed in the final paragraph of his e-mail sent to students and staff the day after the shooting at Centennial Hall. I wanted to point out that numbers fail to tell the entire story of University security. Next time you travel around the superblock and to the front doors of Centennial Hall, look up and try to spot a camera. While there are cameras in Centennial Hall, I personally failed to find a camera posted outside the front doors of Centennial. In fact, I failed to spot many cameras at all in and around the superblock area. Check the University Department of Public Safety Web site. A very general, vague description of two male subjects can be found. There isnâÄôt even a fuzzy picture of a face of the shooter. So where are all of these 1,800 cameras? Next time you go to the University Bookstore, I encourage students and staff to look above them, and then try to count the reflections staring back at them from all the black tinted domes speckling the ceiling. Be sure to bring a pen and paper, otherwise you might lose count. After seeing all of these cameras, we can easily âÄúrest assured,âÄù knowing that âÄúthe University takes public safety very seriously.âÄù The next time a violent crime occurs at the University Bookstore, there will be plenty of camera angles to choose from. Dallas Wilm, University undergraduate student