Liz Cheney leads first Minnesota Republican rally for Bush, Grams

Erin Madsen

More than 100 Republican supporters attended the first Minnesota rally for their presidential campaign Friday.
Liz Cheney, daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney, made a stop at Woodbury’s City Hall to rally support for incumbent U.S. Sen. Rod Grams and presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush.
Cheney approached the podium amid loud cheers and said, “With that reception I am confident Minnesota will be in the Republican column. Minnesota is a very important state this time around.”
Although Minnesota has historically voted Democratic, recent polls indicate support for Bush is growing. Cheney said Republican backing can restore the honesty and dignity people want in government.
“People really respect people who give it to them straight and talk about compassionate conservatism,” she said. “This election determines what our children and grandchildren will inherit. It’s absolutely crucial that we get this one right.”
Cheney added that Grams’ re-election is important for a government in need of Republican values.
“Eight years is a long time for (President) Bill Clinton and (Vice President) Al Gore to stand by while our Social Security is in real danger — long enough,” she said. “It is time for them to go.”
Before Cheney arrived, Grams spoke to supporters who chanted, “Six more years.”
“This (election) will be the second time in 50 years that we’re going to put Minnesota in the Republican column for president,” Grams said, endorsing the Bush-Cheney ticket.
“(Bush-Cheney will) turn the government to the people. They’re a better investment for education and Medicare reform,” he said.
Following the rally, Grams added that the involvement of young voters in this election is crucial.
“Social Security is about you. Tax cuts are about you. You need to be involved now, so in the future you’ll be involved in something that makes you proud,” he said.
Cheney will continue her two-week, cross-country Republican rally tour until the Nov. 7 election.

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