Give thanks this Thursday

Let us take the special day, Thanksgiving, bow our heads and give God thanks and praise for blessing us so abundantly. It has been said, that if you have two pairs of shoes, you are wealthier than half the people in the world. How many pair of shoes do you have? God has blessed us with food, good health, jobs, families, spouses, cars, homes, schools, clothes, shoes, a great nation, beautiful state, freedom, peace, clean water, and fresh air, to name a few things. But the greatest gift of all was the love that God demonstrated by providing a way of salvation when we didnâÄôt deserve it. LetâÄôs celebrate this Thanksgiving, but never forget that we owe God, not just thanks, but also our praise, allegiance, our love, and our devotion. As Psalms 150 says, âÄúLet everything that has breath praise the Lord, Praise the Lord.âÄù Donald Werner Reader