Same words, same tune

The president, once again, did not offer hope in his State of the Union address.

There’s not much more disgusting than sitting in front of a television and being patronized by the leader of your nation. President George W. Bush gave another State of the Union address Tuesday and not much was different.?

The Bush administration believes sticking to a plan, despite the logic against it, the lives that must suffer and the rules of the Constitution, equals success. In the end, we are fools to believe Bush’s words gave anything to the nation. It did not give Americans solace for the lives tragically lost in warfare.?Bush’s words gave the nation no hope for what the future will bring.

How ironic it is that Bush began?his speech with mention of the death of Coretta Scott King. Martin Luther King Jr. never would have supported Bush’s imperialistic war in Iraq. He certainly would not have sat idly like the president did after?Hurricane Katrina ravaged the South. Both of the Kings certainly would not have condoned Bush’s outright favoring of the rich and plundering of public coffers.

The State of the Union address was a fitting mirror image of what is happening in the United States. Cindy Sheehan,?seemingly the only person brave enough to speak her mind and act against the war, was detained; her voice silenced. The Democrats stand silent, not once taking a risk to bring into?question the spectacle that was the State of the Union address. The Republicans, perhaps knowing in their hearts the wretched presidential doublespeak, applauded and applauded.

Bush, once again, failed to lead this country with something of fiber. Rather than plans and visions for the future, he offered pipe dreams and half-truths. The United States has the capability and technology to move away from oil now; promises of research are akin to doing nothing. He mentioned Sept. 11, 2001, as easily as he would have ordered a pizza. Sept. 11 no longer has the reverence it once had and is, instead, a signal for American citizens to stop thinking. From domestic spying programs to the idiocy of the Patriot Act, the president, in his State of the Union address, once again did not offer hope for the future of the union.