Campus is beautiful all year round

Beautiful U Day should take its place, even if it’s a small one, in everyone’s day.

Beautiful U Day is upon our University community once again. The day has been set aside since 1997 to allow people to appreciate the University and its environment. The buildings, grounds and resources here help make the University what it is.

There will be endless amounts of activities, connecting student groups across campuses. From a wellness walk, to the dedication of a friendship bench, to parking lot beautification, there are organized activities that could hint interest in anyone who wants to participate in making the University a more beautiful place.

However, the scheduled activities planned to help celebrate Beautiful U Day are shining over a smaller purpose the day should represent.

Even those who choose not to participate in activities should take advantage of the opportunity to consider the campus around them.

The University community should take time to look around for what is already beautiful. Look at the sculptures between buildings, look at students taking naps on the mall and look at Goldy Gopher’s face staring back from Coffman Union’s facade. Look around and notice the little stuff that makes the school day go by easier. Notice what brings life to the University. Then, remember that all year round, not just on one day.

Imagine how beautiful a new on-campus football stadium will be. The University community also needs to use Beautiful U Day to think of small ways to keep the University as beautiful as it is. Throw cigarette butts in the ashtrays and your trash in the garbage. Try not to leave a trail of madness behind you this weekend.

Our University is beautiful for the opportunities it puts before every student and faculty member, for the people it brings together and for the setting this all takes place in. Ideally, all members of its community would work together on special projects to celebrate.

It is impossible to think everyone will participate, but Beautiful U Day should take its own place, even if it’s a small one, in everyone’s day.