Uncovering the depths of the Internet: Forgotify and Petit Tube

Jackie Renzetti

Whether you’re killing time on a boring Sunday afternoon or yearning to find something “before it was cool,” Forgotify and Petit Tube have got you covered.


According to the Forgotify team, they found that 20% of Spotify tracks – roughly 4 million songs – had never been played. “A musical travesty, really,” they say on their website. As a solution, they’ve created a compilation of unplayed songs that allows you to stream in random order and skip songs at your leisure.  Upon first  discovering the site, I’ve stumbled upon gems including “Calvary Hill” by Walk the West off of their eponymous 1986 album, and Rübel #2 by Sparifankal. As BBC reported, the songs are removed after being played even once. However, the creators of Forgotify do not anticipate the songs to decline from 4 million, because Spotify is always adding new music.  


For those that like to live more dangerously, Petit Tube uses the same concept with unplayed YouTube videos. You can either refresh the page for a new video or leave it sitting for a continuous stream that no YouTuber has dared to view so far. In the A&E section’s investigation, we found one of apparently many outtakes for an unknown production. We also uncovered a psuedo-news segment covering residents’ qualms with road construction in an unknown town, which led to the discovery of another story covering dispute over tree-cutting, which includes impressive editing tricks.