Part of Fort Snelling to be redeveloped into affordable housing

The historic Fort Snelling military buildings in disrepair will soon be transformed into affordable housing, reports Minnesota Public Radio News. The project will cost $100 million dollars and will bring new life into the deteriorating buildings that were once a military hub, reports the Star Tribune. The nearly 30 buildings that make up the fortâÄôs Upper Post will becoming housing again with help from Minneapolis architect John Stark and a team of Minnesota developers, Minnesota Public Radio News reported. According to the Star Tribune, the housing will be available for tenants who make under $60,000 dollars a year and rent is estimated at about $900 for a one-bedroom apartment. PlymouthâÄôs The Dominium Company will head the construction of the apartments which could begin in as little as 12 months, reports KARE 11. Dominium officials said $70 million of the 41-acre project would come from state and federal low-income and historic tax credits, Pioneer Press reported. According to MPR, the builders will attempt to keep the aesthetics of the building close to their original form, while making the necessary upgrades. “As part of the rehab, we’ll preserve the look of the windows, but add some modern aspects to it, like triple-pane windows, add insulation, soundproof the floors and the exteriors and things like that,” Russell Condas, a development associate for Dominium said to MPR. The partnership with Dominium is not official and a contract still needs to be worked out, but both sides are ready to begin on the project, reports KARE 11. “It is particularly exciting to think about how this place which holds such a central location in Minnesota’s history is now going to be transformed into an important part of Minnesota’s future as a home for people who need a place to live,” Tina Smith, Minnesota Lt. Governor said to KARE 11.