Colossally awesome breakfast food

Emily Eveland

The folks behind Colossal Cafe not only make all their food from scratch, they also serve ginormous portions of it. Just $3.50 will buy you a cinnamon roll that’s bigger than a baby’s head. Additionally, the cafe has taken a revolutionary approach to flapjacks by adding yeast to the batter, resulting in a thick and chewy cake that’s sure to fill you up after just a few bites. For those craving savory, go for the biscuits and gravy. The handmade biscuits are slathered in butter, toasted over the oven, and served amidst a sea of thick sausage gravy with two eggs on top. And holy heavens, I’ve never tasted such a perfect biscuit. Though you should be prepared to wait in line, you need not fear: Colossal Cafe has you order and pay up front so by the time you sit down, your grub is on its way. Additional bonuses include free seltzer water, excellent coffee, and a wide array of homemade pastries in the front case.


Colossal Cafe has two locations — one in St. Paul and the other in Minneapolis. Check them out!