Why this year’s election matters

The majority of students donâÄôt pay much attention to Minnesota Student Association elections. This year is different. We invite students to join our growing movement to take back our campus and stand up for a university that has been under assault for far too long. Students are being attacked on all fronts, and itâÄôs time we stand up. HereâÄôs why:
The state Legislature is poised to make its largest-ever cuts to the University of Minnesota, bringing funding back to levels last seen in 1998 âÄî thatâÄôs when you and I were in elementary school. These cuts will mean that tuition will skyrocket, majors will be eliminated and services will be slashed. We need to stand up so that when difficult decisions are made, the administration keeps students in mind. We are the only candidates in this race with the skills and relationships to meet this critical need.
Next year will also bring a variety of new challenges to campus. With the start of light-rail transit construction, University officials say traffic will be gridlock. Commuter students need assurances that they will be able to get to class on time. We also need to be vigilant about the increase in crime that the light rail may ultimately create.
For many student groups, the thought of losing space in Coffman UnionâÄôs second floor is particularly frightening. If current proposals are adopted, the majority of cultural groups, including the Black Student Union, the Muslim Students Association, the Queer Student Cultural Center and many others, will lose their group spaces.
We know these groups are worth protecting. We are the only candidates committed to stopping this misguided attack on cultural centers, and we have been working with student groups for nearly six months on this important issue. If elected, weâÄôll make this a top priority.
Our campaign is focused on meeting student needs through increased student action, the expansion of student services and delivering on key promises. We have built a unique broad base of support because our vision is based on reality, not false pandering. For too long, students have run for student government with slogans like âÄúWeâÄôre going to lower textbook prices!âÄù Then once elected, they never do. Our goals are clear and attainable.
LetâÄôs restore the credibility of student government and make it relevant to students. LetâÄôs put a new focus on campus safety and make sure administrators give students a seat at the table when decisions are made. We can introduce common sense improvements to student services, such as expanding the hours of campus libraries during finals week and making it easier to determine when the next Campus Connector is on its way. Other universities do these things, why canâÄôt Minnesota?
This is our promise, and through our involvement, we have the skills and relationships to deliver. We ask for your vote.