U student struck by car while riding a bike on Washington Ave.

The vehicle was not speeding and tried to stop after hitting the student, police said.

Matthew Gruchow

A car hit a female bike rider Wednesday in front of the Subway restaurant on Washington Avenue Southeast.

Michael Evans, a Subway employee who witnessed the accident, said that when the owner of a Chevy Blazer opened his door, the bike’s handlebars were caught.

“It flipped her like a rag doll,” Evans said.

The rider was thrown in front of a car traveling behind her, said Lt. Troy Buhta, of the University Police Department.

Evans said the vehicle that struck the woman was a black station wagon.

The vehicle was not speeding and tried to stop after seeing the student on the ground, he said.

“She was under the car the whole time,” Evans said. “He caught her and drug her.”

The rider was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, but her name and condition were not available at press time.

She appeared to be bruised and injured severely, but “she was conscious through the whole thing,” Evans said.

He said the car was towed away.

Phone scam

A female University student reported Sunday that she was the target of an apparent credit card scam.

She received several calls during the week from a man claiming to be an employee of a bank and credit card company, said Lt. Chuck Miner, of the University Police Department.

“He asked her to verify her Social Security number,” Miner said. “He also asked her for the PIN number to her bank account, but she gave him a fake PIN, which is good.”

Campus police do not take many reports of scams like this, Miner said.

“Things like this come up from time to time,” he said. “It’s not clear why they were targeting her so aggressively.”

This phone scheme is comparable to e-mail scams based in Africa that ask people to send their bank account information, Miner said.

Students should always be wary of giving out personal information over the phone, Miner said.

“If they just get a cold call and someone is claiming that they are a bank and credit card company, (students) should have an alarm bell that goes off,” he said.

Police have received no additional reports of similar phone calls to other students, Miner said.

Dorm drinking

On Saturday, police were called to Centennial Hall because of a report of a smell of marijuana coming from a resident’s room, according to a police report.

Police found no marijuana, Miner said.

However, police found four people in the room, two of whom were drinking under age, he said.

The room’s resident was not home, Miner said.

Police issued tickets to the underage drinkers, the report states.

Disability placard misuse

The associate department director of the University’s College of Continuing Education was cited Sunday for

illegally using a handicap permit, according to a police report.

The permit belonged to a friend of the staff member, Miner said.