Dave Chappelle to perform eight shows at First Ave next week

Thomas Q. Johnson

Dave Chappelle has announced a four-day stay at the First Avenue Mainroom next week. Tickets for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday shows at 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. are on sale for $55 at first-avenue.com.


It’s not the first time Mr. Chappelle has “popped up” in the Twin Cities, but at least this time fans are given more than a 24-hour notice as was the case in his two show series at the State Theatre in August 2012. Last time he came to town, he stopped by Marcy Holmes to chill at a hookah bar with some randos, so if you see a dude hanging around town who looks like Dave Chappelle, don’t be surprised.


Since Chappelle reemerged from his 2005 walk-off from “Chappelle’s Show” and disappearance into South Africa, his comedy has taken on a very honest and raw-cut edge. He’s the kind of guy who can book “pop-up” shows in the Mainroom and have them sell out with minimal marketing. Check out his “Inside the Actor’s Studio interview from earlier this year for a pretty heart-felt conversation with James Lippy Lipton on his career.