Plasma donation, from a citizen (who) sucks at life

Dresser’s recent column highlights her ignorance regarding plasma donation.

Elizabeth Trandem

I will admit that columnist Ashley Dresser can write an entertaining article; I am sure her talents have helped her through many a college course. However, I am less impressed with the falsifications she produced in her article âÄúPreamble to donating your plasma.âÄù As a college student who has had the pleasure of being strapped for cash, IâÄôve needed to donate. I agree that plasma donation is not for the faint of heart; plasma donation draws an interesting crowd. I have experienced the worst pickup lines in my life while in the confines of ZLB. I felt the need to clarify to readers that it is obvious Dresser hasnâÄôt donated plasma in years and that she didnâÄôt check her facts before writing her article. A 10-page personal history is necessary to donate, as well as a urine sample? Lies. You do have to fill out a pre-screening questionnaire that happens to be a page long and answer about 30 to 50 medical history questions asked by a nurse, but hey âĦ bodily fluids are being exchanged. I think itâÄôs a small price to be paid for monetary compensation. I donâÄôt know Dresser or anything about her experiences, but if she thinks donating feels like someone ejaculating into her arm, I have to ask how she can reference that; has that been one of her college experiences as well? Since it is only medically safe to donate plasma twice in seven days, I wonder how Ashley was able to skirt the system, which is monitored by the FDA, to donate five times in two weeks. For your information, readers and potential donors, the plasma employees might not be the ones who suck at life. Elizabeth Trandem University student