Daily’s new size aims to better serve readers

Welcome to the first day of The Minnesota Daily as a broadsheet newspaper in 65 years.

In joining the broadsheet ranks, the Daily emphasizes its commitment to making the newspaper more readable and useful. This, at least, is our aspiration.

Today’s newspaper comes in two sections: The A section includes campus news, the Daily Review, and the Editorials and Opinions section. It also includes the classified advertising section. The B section includes sports content, Network and the crossword.

Finding your content

The news, Sports, and Editorials and Opinions sections have different faces, new features and slightly different locations.

In an effort to help readers find information as quickly as possible, we added two tools to the newspaper’s front page: the “rail” and an index.

The rail is the column of story summaries on the far right side of the front page. The index is at the bottom of the page. Both tools will reference stories or sections and tell you where to find what you want.

The Editorials and Opinions section has some exciting new additions, such as a quote of the day, more columns and more illustrations. In addition, Mondays and Thursdays feature twice as many columns, adding to the already-expanded Monday and Thursday editions.

Sports will occasionally have its own section, as it does today. A&E will continue to have its own Thursday section. Backtalk, Network and the crossword are in their usual place – but are in the Sports section.


This design represents our best effort to make this the most reader-friendly college newspaper in the nation. Based on our research, we believe we have given our readers something unique, but we cannot know whether it represents a true improvement unless you tell us.

Please send your comments, questions, criticisms and compliments to the editor in chief at [email protected] or call (612) 627-4070, ext. 3020.