A man of compassion

The death of Sen. Paul Wellstone has caused this state, nation and world an incalculable amount of pain and sorrow. While it is perfectly healthy to feel these emotions following a death in our society, we need to look past these feelings of pain and sorrow.

We need to look past the obvious political ramifications of this tragic event. We need to look past the fact that Paul will be forever unable to do what he loved. We need to look past all these things in this time of mourning and instead remember his life for the greatness that defined it.

Whether you are a Green or a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, we need to come together as human beings and remember how he touched the lives of millions of people.

We need to remember how Paul gave a political voice to dozens of groups who were previously cast into the shadows of our society. We need to remember Paul for the passion and integrity he embodied.

Lastly, and most important, we need to remember Paul for the kind, caring and compassionate human being that he was.

Erik Lundgren, junior, political science/Spanish