Light-rail suit absurd

Patrick Owens

It is completely absurd that the University of Minnesota is suing the Metropolitan Council. My guess would be that if a University-wide survey was conducted, students would overwhelmingly support the project. Having Washington Avenue as a pedestrian and light-rail only street would be much more fitting to the UniversityâÄôs environment. The buses, cars and trucks on Washington Avenue are loud and dangerous; much more disruptive to a University atmosphere than a small, electrically powered train. âÄúAny way you look at Washington Avenue, itâÄôs a mess today. I honestly believe [the light rail] is the right thing to do. ItâÄôs not only good for the University, itâÄôs good for the Twin Cities. ItâÄôs good for all of Minnesota.âÄù That is a direct quote from University Regent David Metzen. The Board of Regents approved the light-rail resolution in July 2008. Nothing has happened since then that should entice the University into legal action. Two taxpayer-funded organizations should not, under any circumstances, be involved with litigation. The Metropolitan Council will take the necessary steps to make sure research at the University is not disrupted. This should be obvious to the University; they are not going to build something that no one wants. The University and Metropolitan Council need to cooperate with each other and figure out a viable solution to their issues. The University bringing this to court is in no way cooperative, friendly or reasonable. It is obtuse, absurd and mind-boggling. Every world-class city has a subway, metro or elevated train for a reason. Commuter trains are safer, cleaner and quieter than buses, and it makes absolutely no sense that the University thinks otherwise. Patrick Owens University undergraduate student