Minneapolis police identify, cite University student pictured on U police Web site

Minneapolis police cited the University student for possession of stolen property.

An individual pictured in a photo posted on the University Police Department’s Web site has been identified through phone calls and e-mails, leading to a citation.

Minneapolis police cited the University student, who lives in Dinnaken House, Wednesday for possession of stolen property, said University Police Lt. Chuck Miner.

Police confiscated an Erbert & Gerbert’s delivery car sign from the student before giving him a ticket and releasing him at the scene, Miner said.

He said the student might face further charges as the investigation develops.

Currently, the University police Web site at www1. umn.edu/umpo lice shows photos of seven people police are seeking for questioning about riot-related crimes, and Miner said more photos will soon be added.

The Minnesota Arson Reward Project is working with University police and offering up to $2,500 for information leading to arrests and convictions on an arson charge and a favorable settlement of the charge, according to the police department’s Web site.

Miner said approximately half of the tips to University police have been anonymous.

He said police will make more arrests as investigators sift through phone calls and voicemail messages identifying people.

“We’re still going through more footage,” he said. “There’s a lot from media and private individuals.”

Second arson case

A Hennepin County Attorney’s Office spokesman said a second arson case has been submitted by Minneapolis police.

The first case submitted to the county attorney resulted in felony destruction to property charges against University junior Travis Hinck, whose trial is scheduled for Friday.

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