Keep the campus clean

Amelious Whyte

When it comes to students and cans of beer, the image that pops into your head is often negative. Recently, however, I saw an image of a student and a can of beer that was positive. As I left the Recreation Center on Saturday afternoon, a group of students came toward me. As they approached, I happened to notice a beer can on the ground between Cooke Hall and the Field House. As I noticed the can and thought to myself that the location was an odd place to leave an empty beer can, one of the students slowed down, picked it up, and carried it to a nearby garbage can. I do not know the student, but he showed that he cares about the community in which he lives. As warmer weather arrives, and with it more opportunities for students to have fun and to leave their beer cans where they do not belong, I hope that others will follow this studentâÄôs lead and keep our campus and community clean. Amelious Whyte, Office for Student Affairs chief of staff